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Geskenkpak vir houtwynverpakking

Model nommer: WB1904-001
Minimum Bestel Hoeveelheid: 1000pcs
Verpakking Details: Elke boks verpak in individuele PP-sak
Lood Tyd: 15dae na bevestiging van die betaling
Betaalvoorwaardes: T / T 30% Deposito, 70% banlance copy B / L
Toevoer Vermoë: Daaglikse kapasiteit is: 20,000 stuks / dag
Kontak Ons

Vinnige besonderhede:

Geskenkpak vir houtwynverpakking
Custom logo printed Wood Wine Packaging Box
One bottle wine box

Materiala: Hout boks

grootte: maat

Dekorafwerking: LOGO printing

MOQ: 1000pcs

Lood Tyd: 15dae na bevestiging van die betaling


How about wrapping your favourite wine inside the wood wine packaging gift box? Only the feeling of it makes you feel excited, think about the one whom you plan to surprise. This custom logo printed wood wine box is pretty and desirable. The wine colour wood box is all you need when making your romantic dinner unforgettable. This packaging box is rare to find. This one bottle wine box can accommodate not more than one bottle. The sliding lid makes the entire design unique. The box looks antique complementing the oldest wine you put inside the box.
This wood wine packaging gift box is customizable. You can request for your specific size and the logo on the box can also be modified as per your choice. You can choose to print the name of the person you want to present it to. A lot more can be done when planning to present this perfect wood box stuffed with your favourite wine. Isn’t it?


This heavy look sliding packaging box can be used as a wooden wine packaging box. Also can be used as Storage use, Gift box, shipping box, Standard ceramic coffee cups mugs boxes, Christmas ornaments boxes, Small desktop awards boxes, Crystals and essential oils boxes, Scented Candles, diffusers boxes, Wedding favors boxes, Wedding bows, bowties boxes, Lotions and perfume boxes.High end wood box!

Box vorm Sliding Box Structure
Materiaal (Papierkeuse) Kraftpapier, fancy papier, bedekte papier, swartpapier, kunspapier, karton, kunspapier, wasbedekte papier, bedekte papier, sinkplaat
Druk Offsetdruk, skermdruk, digitale druk, sy druk, CMYK volkleur druk, Panton kleur druk
Beide sye / drukwerk aan een kant (of pasgemaak)
Dekorafwerking Glansende / matte laminering, UV-kolbedekking, silwer / goudfoelie (warm stempel), reliëf / ontlasting, vernis, (of pasgemaak)
bykomstighede 1.Houer ingevoeg (EVA, blister, karton of pasgemaak)
2.Velvet, satyn of ander stowwe, gevoer (of aangepas)
3.Toue (nylon tou, katoen tou, plat katoen tou, polyester tou plat of pasgemaak)
4.Hang Tag String (Tag Seal): plastiek, metaal (of pasgemaak)
5.Eyelet Etc.
Mededingende voordeel:

There is always one best way to do something and when it’s about gifting the favourite old wine to a friend, nothing compares to the wrapping inside this wood wine packaging gift box. A very touching surprise that will take breath away. Make sure you have the personalized bottle with name of the person you are planning to present this to. You can also order for all your guests with their names on it while giving away the return gifts in wedding and other occasions. Best for all occasions. From Christmas celebration to wedding parties, you can present it anytime to impress everyone.