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  • Where are you located?

    Our factory located in QingPu district, Shanghai. Which is about 50miles from Shanghai Pudong International airport and 80miles to Yangshan Port (Shanghai port).

  • Are you the Manufacturer Factory?

    Yes, We have over 1000sqm factory in Shanghai,China.

    Equipment Inventory:

    Printing Machine:

    Germany KBA 106 7+1 printing machine

    Germany KBA 1050mm 7 panels +UV glossing printing Machine

    ● Heidelberger 1020mm 6 panels +UV glossing Printing Machine

    Heidelberger 1020mm 5 color Printing Machine


    • Polar MOHR Computerized Cutter
    • Beck 42" Paper Sheeter
    • Parry Paper Mitering machines
    • Robinson Board Corner Cutters
    • Zhejiang Machinery Board Groover


    • SBL1050 SE Autoplaten Diecutter (30 x 40)
    • Standard Clamshell Diecutter (32 x 44)
    • Heidelberg Cylinder Diecutter (22 x 30.25)
    • Thompson Large Diecutter (32 x 43)

    Box Making:

    · Emmeci MEB Mechtronic Deep Limit Box Lines (2)

    • Emmeci Mc94 Box Wrapper
    • Emmeci MC92 Box Wrapper
    • Crathern "D" Wrappers - Hand Feed
    • Crathern "H" Wrappers – Hand Feed
    • Customized Limit Crathern Quad Stayers
    • Potdevin-style Gluers


    • Foil Stamper - Embossers – Twin Zone Digital Heat
    • Foil Stamper - Embossers – Diecutter
    • Stamping, Diecutting and Decal Application Press
    • Craft Auto Feed Hinging Machine
    • Foot Press Riveters
    • Hand Feed 4-ton Kensol Foil Stamping Presses
    • Craft AHM-01 Magnetic Steel Tab Machine

  • What does 'design-manufacterer' mean?

    Bam Packaging Company is a unique packaging partner in that we have both an in-house structural design studio as well as a 1000sqm cutting-edge production facility.

    We work with first time packaging buyers who require an entire design development and prototyping prior to production, as well as seasoned capabilities buyers who present us with a project specification and dielines.

  • Will you sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement?

    Yes, we frequently work on sensitive projects requiring confidential treatment and will happily accommodate your privacy needs.

  • What type of boxes you have advantages in?

    You can count on us to provide the best paper for your packaging design. We will provide the right finish, opacity, smoothness, and gloss level for optimal results. And all Domtar Food Packaging papers are FSC Certified.

    Printed Color box with PVC window: paperboard / corrugated paperboard

    Luxury Look High end gift boxes: Grey board wrapped with coated paper with soft touch. Can be foldable box / drawer box / base and lid / Hinged Box.

    Jewelry / Watch boxes. Use texture paper with velvet mostly.

  • What is your Manufacturer Capacity?

    Printed Color boxes daily Capacity is: 100,000pcs/day

    Luxury Gift boxes daily Capacity is: 20,000pcs/day

    Normally, our lead time is 20days for any boxes like printing boxes or chipboard boxes. Because before production, we need to arrange the orders an d get raw material from our paper supplier both domestic and aboard.

  • Other than Paper boxes and Bags,what else services provided by BAM Packaging?

    Packaging Design/Box structurer design

    Catalogue/Brochure printing

    Along with boxes, we also provide accessories such as Customized Ribbons/EVA/Foam/Paper tray/Plastic tray.

    - QC service. Our project managers are there to ensure timely delivery of test results as part of the manufacturing cycle, so that release of products meets pre-agreed timelines.

    - Factory also have 3 working lines provide Product assemble.

    Our primary board, brown chipboard, is made from 100% recycled fiber, meaning your package will be predominantly recycled content by weight (generally +80% of weight is board). We have a wide range of recycled fiber cover materials and are happy to work with you to achieve your recycled content goals in your packaging design.

  • Can you create a custom package design for me?

    Yes. We have seasoned packaging design consultants and a robust structural design studio ready to help you select a style, dimensions, board, wrap and decoration method, and refine it you your exact needs.

    However, we do not provide graphic design services; if you require a logo design or other two dimensional designs, we may be able to refer you to a graphic designer.

  • Do you charge for design?

    Design development is part of a production engagement, and therefore we do not have separate charges for design when you choose to partner with BAM packaging Ltd.,

  • Can I get a customized sample of my box?

    Prior to production, we will create an undecorated prototype that we will send to you free of charge. You then have the opportunity to test the sample and confirm the design is correct, or inform us if changes are needed. This sample is must be signed and returned to us for quality control before we begin production.

    If you require decorated prototypes, or a sample for your own internal use, or if you're design is exceptionally complicated involving many components, we will charge for the prototype service. The cost of the sample will depend on the size, materials, and complexity of the design.

  • I really just need something simple; do you have any stock designs?

    No. BAM packaing is a 100% custom manufacturer. We do not have any stock boxes, and every design is customized in its details, scale and materials for your special project. If you are looking for a stock solution, we recommend Uline, which can be branded with a sticker or label from Avery WePrint.

  • Do you offer graphic design services?

    No. We do not offer graphic design services at this time.

  • What are your lead times?

    Our typical lead time is 4-6 weeks after receipt of Purchase Order and approvals. However, this lead time fluctuates depending on production load. If you have a hard delivery date, be sure to discuss with your Project Manager or Customer Service Representative.

  • What are the minimum and maximum sizes you can produce?

    Minimum and maximum dimensions are dependent on the relationship between the length, width and depth of your package, and the board sheet size. Therefore, there is no set minimum and maximum size for manufacturability; often, it is not a matter of if we can produce the desired size, but how will produce it.

  • How do I get an estimate for a box?

    All our packaging is 100% custom. In order to generate a project quotation or estimate, we must first design the package, route it through our production processes, and source material quotes. This process usually takes 3-5 business days after the structural design has been approved by the client.

  • What is your minimum order?

    Normally, to provide better service and price,MOQ for each design is 1000pcs.

  • What are your payment policies?

    Prior to ordering materials and scheduling production, we require a 50% Deposit on the total order value, as well as 100% of tooling and prep charges.

    We accept payment by check or electronic payment.

  • Are your boxes recyclable?

    In short: depending on the design. Paperboard structures wrapped with uncoated cover stocks, even those decorated with foil stamping, are still 100% recyclable. If you choose to add magnets, certain coated materials, foam or plastic inserts, etc., you will produce an end product that is not recyclable.

    If a recyclable package is your end game, let us know up front so our designers can choose a box style and materials to meet that goal.