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Romantic Round Flower Gift Box

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Are you looking for the perfect gift to woo your partner on the first date? Buy this romantic round flower gift box and make every moment turn your way.

During a trip at Europe, Aaron (Wang Ke, FLŌWERPLUS Huajia - Founder & CEO) found that local households are used to buying flowers, decorating their daily lives with flowers, and their lives are so diverse. Inspired by this, Aaron began to develop in the field of daily flower subscr1ption after returning to China, and determined to turn flowers into a part of China's new life.

When developing a line of signature flower gift box they needed box design as sophisticated as their brand. These Gift Flower Packaging boxes, like their flowers, are fashionable and made with high-quality ingredients. This simply stated box is a round open in the middle box structure design, which has been gold foil stamped with the brand’s logo with matching ribbons!


The best way to express your heart out without saying a word. This fashionable gift box for women is made with love and perfection as every woman likes. The combination of elegance and fun put together in the same package. Is there a way you can ignore it? Not a chance. The gold foil stamping makes this white box worth every praise. It is durable and sturdy.

Surprises are always perfect when presented in the best way. So, pick the right romantic round flower gift box to perfect the looks of the presents of your choice. It can also be used as a gift set box for lipstick. This fashionable gift box for women would definitely make the moments special for your partner. Let the spirit of your relationship reflect through the gift of your choice. A woman is not difficult to impress only if you know what they like. And, cosmetic products can always make your lady happy. Either you are trying to supress her anger or want to make up for a late evening party, carrying this trendy box with the best lipstick set would do the job.


You can depend on the magic this box can create to bring your love closer to your heart. Try this romantic round flower gift box and make the date night fun and special.

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