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Thank you gift box from Gin Group

زمان: 2019-06-06 تعداد بازدید ها: 22

Hello and Welcome to Bam Packaging!

Today we are going to talk about this beautiful Luxury tea box for High end tea group in China called Jin Group.

It’s made of the most popular red art texture paper, the color red which is represent for China.

For this unique box, we work with the marketing director of Jin, we made the design and we are looking for a fresh new look. So, we use the sliding box as the basic structure. Mostly because it is considered one of the premiere structures. This structure requires elements to pull the drawer out. In this case, they went with aluminum handle which strong and nice. Metal handles are still a very popular chose for premier consumer goods packaging, anytime where you want sort of heavy look experience. People really love the feeling that when you pull out the box, good things turns out. And there is a hole with aluminum ring at the back side of the box, just make this box easy to pull out.

As you can see, as the box open, reveal the product. Good thing when you open this box is the text you can see the gold foil stamped brand Logo right away. And then show the tea inside laying in a paper tray. The paper tray is made of 100% uncoated paper, so it is totally recycle and ecofriendly.

You will see there is a beige label on both side of the box, it reflects the harmony color of the box, makes it looks unique and elegant.

This box is an exceptional example of how sliding box use paperboard packaging can be used to enhance a brand presentation on a retail shelf. This box is especially selected because its ability to open and close so the clients would appreciate this wonderful gift piece.

We are very proud of the end product and if you have a product that requires luxury looking package box, please give us a call. We look forward to working with you on your project or just answering any questions about paper packaging.

Thanks for stopping by.If you have similar request on luxury gift packaging,contact us now!You are always welcome!