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Kyautar Tea Kyautar Kyautar Akwatin Akwatin

Model Number:TB201802-009
Yawancin Maɗaukaki Mafi Girma:1000pcs
Marufi Details:Kowane akwati cike a cikin jakar PP mutum
Gubar Lokaci:15days bayan tabbacin biya
Biyan Terms:Kudin T / T 30%, 70% kwafin bangon B / L
Supply Ability:Ikon yau da kullun shine: 20,000pcs / day
Ku tuntube mu

Ƙarin Bayanan:

Kraft Paper Tea Packaging Tube
Flip Packaging Box with paper
Brown Paper Chinese Tea Gift set box

Materiala: 2.00mm karen chipboard mai kauri nannade zane-zane na C1S

Size: Musamman

Décor Gamawa: Buga launi na CMYK Buga LOGO

Tabo UV / Lamination Mai haske

Moq: 1000pcs

Gubar Lokaci: 15days bayan tabbacin biya


Kraft paper tea packaging tube is designed to get flawless packaging. This beautiful box with the brownish golden touch looks nothing less than royal. Use this flip packaging box with paper to make your present the most desired one. Let’s shape your first impression and pack the tea tubes inside the brown paper Chinese tea gift set box. You can also pack chips and condiments that ae available in tube shaped boxes. There is a label on the top in white colour. This gives the box a contrast look. This attractive box can be used for many occasions. From birthday parties to Christmas celebration, you can become the centre of discussion by offering your present in such a nice packaging box.

The Kraft paper tea packaging box is customizable. You can ask for the specific size and label change. We will make it as you like it. The tea can be stored in this box for long as it is very durable.


-Candle akwatin
-Bayan akwatin
-Cosmetic akwatin saitin akwatin
-Win kwalin gilashi
-Bayan akwatin
-Mugin kwandon shara
-Naka karshen Neman akwatin kyandir
-Ban akwatin
-UV tabo mai kyau akwatin

bayani dalla-dalla:
Akwatin ShafiBase da Tsarin Lid
Kayan aiki (Zabin takarda)Kraft takarda, Fancy takarda, Mai Rufe takarda, Bakar takarda, takarda kan zane, Takardar takarda, takarda mai zane, takarda mai rufi, takarda Mai Rufi, Alkalan Corrugated
BugunBugawa, Bugun allo, Bugawa na Dijital, Bugawar buga siliki, Buga cikakken launi na CMYK, Bugawar Panton
Dukkanin Biyun / Sideungiyoyi Guda ɗaya (ko Musamman)
Décor GamawaHaske / Matt Lamination, UV Spot shafi, Azurfa / Zinare (Kwana mai laushi), Embossing / Deboss, Varnishing, (Ko kuma na musamman)
Na'urorin haɗiAn saka 1.Holder (EVA, Blister, Paperboard Ko Musamman)
2.Velvet, Satin Ko Wasu Kayan Yarn, Ruffen (ko Musamman)
3.Ropes (igiya na Nailan, igiya, Allan Flat Cotton Rope, Polyester Rope Flat Ko wacce aka kirkira)
4.Hang Tag String (Alamar Tag): Filastik, Karfe (Ko Musamman)
5.Eyelet da sauransu.
Amfani da Gaskiya:

Looking for some unique present ideas? What about a kraft paper tea packaging tube? As unique as it sounds, the box is very beautiful and attractive. It can carry two tea tubes and is very sturdy. The looks are elegant and the presentation just awesome. This brown paper Chinese tea gift set box is extraordinary and has a unique royal touch. You can also request for a customized box and we will get you the exact size and specification you need. You just place the tubes inside and enjoy the look of your precious present.