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Tsev>cov khoom siv>Puag thiab Lid Box

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Da Dej Da Dej Ua Dab Phiaj Xwm Lub thawv

Model Number:GB201802-0010
Yam Tsawg Tshaj:1000pcs
Ntim Paub meej:Txhua lub thawv ntim hauv hnab PP tus kheej
Lead Lub sij hawm:15days tom qab paub meej tias them nyiaj
Ntsiab lus uas them:T / T 30% Qhov Tso Nyiaj, 70% Kev Tshawb Fawb B / L
Mov Muaj peev xwm:Peev Xwm Txhua Hnub yog: 20,000pcs / hnub
Tiv tauj peb

Nthuav Qhia:

Sleeve to protect the box
Customized size gift set packaging box
Adorable Ribbon décor on the outside the box

Materiala: 2.00mm thickness chipboard qhwv C1S daim duab pawg

Loj: customized

Kev Kho Kom Zoo Nkauj: CMYK xim luam ntawv Ribbon accessory

MOQ: 1000pcs

Lead Lub sij hawm: 15days tom qab paub meej tias them nyiaj

hauj lwm:

Make the special day even more special by wrapping the baby shower present in this beautiful baby shower gift box. A colorful and pretty design with golden colour on the top makes it look divine. This gift box set with ribbon is beautifully wrapped with red colour ribbon across its edges to give the box a unique look. You can pack souvenirs and make every moment memorable with this Souvenir Gift set box.
The box comes with an easy packaging design. All you need to do is fill in the box with your chosen present and place it safely inside. There is a lot of room to include more than one small souvenir. You can use it for gifting bracelets, candles or anything of your choice. You can also customize it as per your requirements. So, let’s woo your friend or relative celebrating their happiness with this lovely gesture and fill their celebration with fun and excitement.

Daim ntaub ntawv:

- Khoom plig lub thawv

- kab tshoob gift set box

- Lub thawv khoom plig kom hniav zoo nkauj

- Caw iav khob

- Baby shower Gift set box

- Lub thawv tiab

- Lub thawv hnav khaub ncaws

- Saw caj dab

- Lub thawv nyiaj-kub

Lub thawv ntawvQhov pib thiab Lid cov qauv
Khoom siv (Xaiv ntawv)Kraft daim ntawv, Cov ntawv zoo nkauj, Coated ntawv, ntawv dub, Daim duab kos duab, ntawv ntoo, ntawv kos duab, ntawv ciab ciab, ntawv pleev xim rau, Corrugated board
PrintingOffset Printing, Screen Printing, Digital Printing, Silk Printing, CMYK tag nrho xim luam ntawv, Panton xim luam ntawv
Ob Sab / Ib Sab Luam Ntawv (lossis Customized)
Kev Kho Kom Zoo NkaujGlossy / Matt Lamination, UV Hnav Txheej, Nyiaj / Kub Nyiaj (Kub Stamping), Embossing / Deboss, Varnishing, (Los yog customized)
accessories1.Holder Ntxig (EVA, Hniav, Hnab Yas lossis Ntawv Customized)
2.Velvet, Satin Lossis Lwm Cov Ntaub Ntawv Lined, Flocked (lossis Customized)
3.Ropes (Nylon hlua, paj rwb hlua, xov paj rwb hlua, Polyester hlua pav ca lossis Customized)
4.Hang Tag Txoj hlua (Daim Ntawv Cim): Yas, Hlau (lossis Customized)
5.Eyelet Etc.
Kev Tshaj Loj:

You require no more accessories to decorate the box as it is completely designed to look perfect for a special occasion like baby shower.
The strong base and heavy design make it a must have for those looking for the best baby shower gift box.
The elegant name plate with the touch of gold is just what you need to embrace the beautiful moment.
Our team works hard to put together the box even when requested customization and deliver it to you just on time. This beautiful box has no match given its grace and sturdiness at the same time.

Tiv tauj peb