Txhua pawg

Tsev>cov khoom siv>Pob khawm muaj rooj

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Tshuaj Txhuam Tu Cov Khoom Ntim Ntim

Model Number:GB201807-005
Yam Tsawg Tshaj:1000pcs
Ntim Paub meej:Txhua lub thawv ntim hauv hnab PP tus kheej
Lead Lub sij hawm:15days tom qab paub meej tias them nyiaj
Ntsiab lus uas them:T / T 30% Qhov Tso Nyiaj, 70% Kev Tshawb Fawb B / L
Mov Muaj peev xwm:Peev Xwm Txhua Hnub yog: 20,000pcs / hnub
Tiv tauj peb

Nthuav Qhia:

Kev Tsim Kho Hniav Kev Tu Kom Huv
Cov Khoom Ntim Ntim
Ntim Cov Ntawv Siv nrog kev ntxig

Materiala: 2.00mm thickness chipboard qhwv C1S daim duab pawg

Loj: customized

Kev Kho Kom Zoo Nkauj: CMYK luam ntawv xim LOGO luam ntawv

UV chaw / Glossy Lamination

MOQ: 1000pcs

Lead Lub sij hawm: 15days tom qab paub meej tias them nyiaj

hauj lwm:

The professional design tooth cleaning packaging box is a high quality and trendy box designed to hold presents firmly locked inside. This product packaging box can carry wallets, perfumes and a lot other presents safely. You can use the custom packaging box with insert to place your beautiful souvenirs or a nice photo frame and woo your loved ones. The white colour is soothing and a must have for those planning to gift their heart out. The blue logo on the top compliments the white colour and enhances its elegance.

The professional design tooth cleaning box can be personalized as per your preferred specification. You just need to request for the logo change and the size requirements. We will put every effort to ensure you get what you are looking for. Either you want to present your employees or looking for wrapping return gifts for your guests, this is what you need.

Daim ntaub ntawv:

-Cov thawv
-Perfume box
-Cov khoom plig teeb lub thawv
-Wine iav lub thawv
-Diffuser lub thawv
-Mug ntim thawv
-High kawg Saib lub thawv tswm ciab
-Hardcover lub thawv
-UV chaw décor lub thawv

Lub thawv ntawvQhov pib thiab Lid cov qauv
Khoom siv (Xaiv ntawv)Kraft daim ntawv, Cov ntawv zoo nkauj, Coated ntawv, ntawv dub, Daim duab kos duab, ntawv ntoo, ntawv kos duab, ntawv ciab ciab, ntawv pleev xim rau, Corrugated board
PrintingOffset Printing, Screen Printing, Digital Printing, Silk Printing, CMYK tag nrho xim luam ntawv, Panton xim luam ntawv
Ob Sab / Ib Sab Luam Ntawv (lossis Customized)
Kev Kho Kom Zoo NkaujGlossy / Matt Lamination, UV Hnav Txheej, Nyiaj / Kub Nyiaj (Kub Stamping), Embossing / Deboss, Varnishing, (Los yog customized)
accessories1.Holder Ntxig (EVA, Hniav, Hnab Yas lossis Ntawv Customized)
2.Velvet, Satin Lossis Lwm Cov Ntaub Ntawv Lined, Flocked (lossis Customized)
3.Ropes (Nylon hlua, paj rwb hlua, xov paj rwb hlua, Polyester hlua pav ca lossis Customized)
4.Hang Tag Txoj hlua (Daim Ntawv Cim): Yas, Hlau (lossis Customized)
5.Eyelet Etc.
Kev Tshaj Loj:

If you are looking for a professional design tooth cleaning box, look no further. This custom packaging box with insert is very attractive and serves the job well. Not only it makes sure that the present is tightly stuck inside, it also makes the entire presentation a lot better. Designed to ensure the love you are seeking to share with your loved one is heard the right way; this box is one great option. The sleek design and customizable option let you decide how you would like to present it to others.