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Onyinye onyinye onyinye ihunanya

Kacha nta Order ibu:




Packaging Details:

Each box packed in individual PP bag

Etiti oge:

15days mgbe nkwenye ịkwụ ụgwọ

Ịkwụ Ụgwọ Okwu:

Ntinye T / T 30%, akwụkwọ ego mkpuchi 70% B / L

Tụkwasịnụ Ikike:

Daily Capacity is: 20,000pcs / ụbọchị

Kpọtụrụ anyị


Ngwa ngwa:

Onyinye onyinye onyinye ihunanya

Reserved flower box with drawer

Gift box with drawer for lipstick

Matri: 2.00mm thickness greyboard kpuchie bọọdụ nka C1S

size: ahaziri

Décor Imechana: Gold foil Edere LOGO

MOQ: 1000pcs

LOge Oge: 15days mgbe nkwenye ịkwụ ụgwọ


Buying a cosmetic item is easier, but wrapping it to look special is not that easy. You may be willing to prepare a huge surprise for someone special. So, why to go wrong with the gift box. The best way to say that you care is to express it with your gifts. Use this romantic gift box with drawer to include one more item secretly to surprise the loved ones. Use the box for storing jewellery while the drawer for keeping lipstick. Isn't that a killer combination?

It could be used as a reserved flower box with drawer to accommodate extra gifts or a note. It isn't just the gift box with drawer for lipstick but a lot of other choices that you wish to make. The attached hood with beautiful interior to offer luxurious overall look is unmatched and highly desirable. You can use this box to woo the one you Dị ka.


- Igbe onyinye

- Igbe swiiti

- Igbe onyinye siri ike

- Igbe onyinye ekeresimesi

- Ezumike onyinye igbe

- Igbe onyinye dị ịtụnanya

- Igbe dị

- Igbe olu

- Igbe ọla


Mpempe akwụkwọ

Ntọala na Lzọ Ahịrị

Ihe (nhọrọ akwụkwọ)

Akwụkwọ Kraft, Akwụkwọ Fancy, Akwụkwọ mkpuchi, Akwụkwọ Ọchịchị Black, Akwụkwọ Art, Akwụkwọ Mpempe Akwụkwọ, Akwụkwọ Art, Akwụkwọ Ihe mkpuchi, Akwụkwọ Achịkọtara, Akwụkwọ Cor Corated

-ebi akwụkwọ

Mbubata obibi akwụkwọ, Mbipụta ihuenyo, Mbipụta Dijitalụ, Silde Mpempe silk, Mbipụta akwụkwọ zuru oke CMYK, Mbipụta Panton

Abụọ Sides / Otu Nbipụta Akwụkwọ (ma ọ bụ Hazie)

Emechi Décor

Ebube / Matt Lamination, UV Spot mkpuchi, Silver / ọla edo foil (Hot Stamping), Embossing / Deboss, Varnishing, (Ma ọ bụ ahaziri)


1.Holder etinyere (EVA, Blister, Akwụkwọ mpempe akwụkwọ ma ọ bụ ahaziri ahazi)
2.Velvet, Satin Ma ọ bụ Ihe Ekike Ndị ọzọ Ekekọrịtara akpụ, flocked (ma ọ bụ ahaziri)
3.Ropes (ụdọ naịlọn, eriri ụdọ, ụdọ akpa udo, polyester Rope Flat Ma ọ bụ ahaziri ahazi)
4.Hang Tag Eriri (Akara mkpado): plastic, Metal (ma ọ bụ ahaziri ya)

5.Eyelet Etc.

Enwere uru bara uru:

Gifts are adorable. And, the gift box must compliment those precious presents. Or else, the entire surprise could ruin. That is the reason, you must choose this Romantic Gift Box with drawer that could include a note, a lipstick or similar items. More is always welcomed. So, take this opportunity to ensure you do not mess up with your surprise and use the box to ensure best experience for your loved ones. The material is very tough and can hold heavy items too. So, go ahead and select what you wish to present. You select the gift and let us choose the box for you. And, nothing would go any better than this one.

Kpọtụrụ Anyị