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Fancy hinged lokkassi UV blettur

Model Number: GB201807-004
Minimum Order Magn: 1000pcs
Packaging Upplýsingar: Hver kassi pakkað í einstaka PP poka
Lead Time: 15 dagar eftir staðfestingu greiðslu
Greiðsluskilmálar: T / T 30% Innborgun, 70% afrit af bönkum B / L
Framboð Geta: Daglegt getu er: 20,000stk / dag
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Stutt smáatriði:

Gift set Packaging Box
Mug Gift Box
Playing card gift set Box

Efni: 2.00mm þykkt spónaplata vafinn C1S listaborð

stærð: aðlaga

Finish frágangi: CMYK litprentun LOGO prentun

UV blettur / gljáandi lagskipting

MOQ: 1000pcs

Lead Time: 15 dagar eftir staðfestingu greiðslu


This fancy gift set packaging box looks unique and is created with great precision to ensure your loved one’s love the present inside including the box. You can use this box as a mug gift box or a playing card gift set box. It can be used for wrapping various items inside. The white and blue combination is always soothing to eyes and so is this packaging box. The golden print on the top makes this box look fabulous. Easy to use and carry along. You do not have to worry about further wrapping it in decorative papers. Instead, if you wish, you can tie ribbon around the box.

The gift set packaging box is customizable. You can request for the specifications and our team will deliver the box as you desire just in time. We take care of everything from accepting your orders to ensuring you get the box as requested. Start planning your present while we get your box to your hands.


-Candle kassi
-Snyrtilás gjafasett
-Vín glerbox
-Diffuser kassi
-Mug Pakkningarkassi
-Wine bottle packaging box
-Luxury Brand Gift box
-UV blettur innréttingarbox

Box Shape Uppbygging grunns og loka
Efni (pappírsval) Kraftpappír, Fancy pappír, húðaður pappír, svartur pappír, listapappír, pappi, listapappír, vaxhúðaður pappír, húðaður pappír, bylgjupappa
Prentun Offsetprentun, skjáprentun, Stafræn prentun, silkiprentun, CMYK prentun í fullum lit, Panton litprentun
Báðir hliðar / prentun á einni hlið (eða sérsniðin)
Finish frágangi Gljáandi / Matt lagskipting, UV blettapúði, silfur / gullpappír (heitt stimplun), upphleypt / upphleypt, lakk, (eða sérsniðið)
Aukahlutir 1.Holder sett í (EVA, þynnupakkning, pappa eða sérsniðin)
2.Velvet, satín eða annað efni fóðrað, flokkað (eða sérsniðið)
3.Rope (Nylon Rope, Cotton Rope, Flat Cotton Rope, Polyester Rope Flat Eða sérsniðin)
4.Hang Tag String (Tag Seal): Plast, málmur (eða sérsniðin)
5.Eyelet o.fl.
Hagstæð kostur:

If you are running out of ideas while trying to gift wrap your present, try this gift set packaging box. Forget about the old school ideas. Instead of using rolling papers or tedious methods to wrap your present, simply put it inside this gift box and make your close one’s happy. You can use it for mugs, playing cards, power charger and much more. The elegant design and attractive colours make this box a must have for those seeking to express their love for others. You can also customize this box, the logo and let us know how you want it. We will get this to you as requested in no time.