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Opvouwbare kledingverpakking

Model nummer: FDB201802-004
Minimum bestelhoeveelheid: 1000pcs
Details van de verpakking: Elke doos is verpakt in een afzonderlijke PP-zak
Levertijd: 15dagen na bevestiging van betaling
Betalingscondities: T / T 30% aanbetaling, 70% banklance kopie B / L
Capaciteit van de levering: Dagelijkse capaciteit is: 20,000pcs / day

Quick Detail:

Large size flat apparel box
custom logo apparel box
hardcover foldable apparel box

materiala: Spaanplaat met een dikte van 2.00 mm verpakt C1S art board

Grootte: aangepaste

Decorafwerking: CMYK-kleurendruk Lintaccessoire

MOQ: 1000pcs

Levertijd: 15dagen na bevestiging van betaling


Gift the stylish dresses in style wrapped inside the large size flat apparel boxes. This trendy box is enough to compliment the dresses inside. The silver texture of this hardcover foldable apparel box looks amazing. And, the black color base makes a great combination with the silver lid. The basic design with high priority given to the design of the box is worth noticing. You can make your presents look royal by placing them inside these boxes. Is it a birthday party or a wedding day? This box will never disappoint you when it comes to make an impression.

The heavy design of the custom logo apparel box is unique and difficult to find anywhere else. This large size flat apparel box can accommodate almost all the apparel. In case you need a bigger one, you can always request for your specific size and our team will make that possible in no time.


- Gift set Box

- Apparel gift set Box

- Cosmetische geschenkverpakking

- Clothing Box

- Garment Box

- Dress Box

- Kledingdoos

- Kettingdoos

- Juwelendoos

- Dress gift Box

Box Shape Basis- en dekselstructuur
Materiaal (papierkeuze) Kraftpapier, Fancy Paper, Coated Paper, Black Paper, Art Paper, Paperboard, Art Paper, Wax Coated Paper, Coated Paper, golfkarton
het drukken Offsetdruk, zeefdruk, digitaal drukwerk, zijdedruk, CMYK-kleurendruk, Panton-kleurendruk
Beide zijden / éénzijdig afdrukken (of aangepast)
Decorafwerking Glanzende / matte laminering, UV-spotcoating, zilver / goudfolie (hot stamping), embossing / debossing, vernissen, (of aangepast)
Accessoires 1. Houder geplaatst (EVA, blister, karton of aangepast)
2. Fluweel, satijn of andere stoffen gevoerd, stroomden (of aangepast)
3. Touwen (nylon touw, katoenen touw, platte katoenen touw, polyester touw plat of aangepast)
4.Hang Tag String (Tag Seal): Plastic, metaal (of aangepast)
5.Eyelet enz.
Concurrerend Voordeel:

This beautiful large size flat apparel box is designed to ensure that you can accommodate almost every apparel. The design is very elegant, and the heavy look makes it worth your money. The edges are attractive and the contrast color design with silver on the top and black at the bottom looks royal and high standard. Your dress will definitely look priceless when wrapped inside this unique box. Your gift will be safe inside this hardcover foldable apparel box. For any changes or modification, our team will help you out. We desire to ensure you don’t have to compromise when it comes to choosing the right box.