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Izboljšajte svoje embalažne izdelke, da bodo stranke podpisale vašo pogodbo

Čas: 2019-06-20 Zadetkov: 168

Have you ever thought of ways you can improve on your packaging designs, to attract more clients to sign on your brand? It’s simple, think décor finishing. Décor finishing are those smallest design details, which can either make the biggest positive impact on your brand, or mar it. If you have the hopes of setting a major difference, between your products and other alike products, your brand needs to stand out amongst them all.

At BAM Paper Packaging, we offer you a variety of décor finishing to make your industry unique. If you are still not convinced on why you should get décor finishing for your product packaging, take a walk with us through some of the various types of décor finishing and coating techniques, ranging from the soft touch, to die cutting and their individual benefits.

Soft Touch

Have you ever felt a product and the packaging seemed like velvet to the touch? It is as a result of the finish used. The soft touch finish comes in two distinctive forms, they are the soft touch coating and the soft touch laminate.

While soft touch coating is applied in liquid form, soft touch laminate is a matte like plastic film that is glued on top of the printing to produce almost the same velvety texture as the soft coat. Although the latter is more expensive than the former, both produces alike velvety feel. One major advantage of this finish other than its soft texture, is that, it is resistant to scratches and abrasion and comes in a large selection of colours.

Spot UV

Spot UV (ultraviolet) as the name suggests, is a type of finish that uses ultraviolet lighting to highlight a certain spot or colour on the packaging. This is a highly effective technique if you want that particular spot to stand out, because it drags the eyes to the highlighted spot. If you need to showcase your logo or brand name on your business card, brochures and so on, this is the right finish for you. The spot UV finish can be paired with the sandpaper finish, gloss UV, matte UV etc. However, it is not advisable to apply this coating on very thin paper as it is most suitable for thick boxes.



Gloss UV

This is one of the leading décor finishing in the industry as it can be applied to almost anything. This coating doesn’t just provide a protective cover for your product, it also provides a high gloss sheen and it is abrasion resistant. You can pair the gloss UV with glitter if you are looking for a bold sparkly finish.

Sandpaper Finish

It is a type of coated abrasive that is similar to the grit coating. Sandpaper finish paired with the spot UV, is used to create a gritty texture on the surface of the packaging. This type of combination is almost like the spot gloss UV finish, the only major difference is the texture and feel of the packaging on your palms.

Matte Finish

Ever heard the saying; “matte is the new black”? Well, if you haven’t, we are telling you! It oozes such sophistication, when paired with the gloss spot UV because of its mellow background compared to the vibrant and eye catching gloss finish. These finishing combined together, will make your packaging highly attractive, but still cool on the eyes.

Embossing Finish

This is the type of finish that is used for bold statements on a package. Having relations to historical times, used for sealing in the old, it uses a contrasting material and colour to make the design (can be letters) stand out, by creating an everted style or shape. Embossing can either be used as a stand-alone technique (i.e. blind embossing) or paired with hot foil to create a hot foil embossing.

Hot Foil Embossing

This effect is achieved by applying coloured or metallic pigments to a cardboard using pressure and heat.

Rainbow Foils

This is one of everybody’s personal favourite with its ability to produce a rainbow effect as its name implies, when viewed from different angles. You can opt for this finish for your solid packages, if you need vibrant colours that are not too much and in a fun attractive way.

Die rezanje

This finish uses unique cut outs on the packaging to give it, its unique specifications. These cut outs are achieved with a die (shaped blades) cutting through a paper or card on a die press, and can vary from shapes to letters. The die cutting is not limited to just paper, as it can also be used for plastics, rubber, foil and a host of other low strength materials. The designs can range from complex or just plain simple, all depending on what best suits your brand.

Benefits of Employing a Unique Finish for Your Products

Customer Attraction: as always, first impression matters a lot. What makes your product stand unique on the shelf, is as a result of the design technique used. So with the right packaging company to ensure this, best believe your products are not only going to attract your customers, but to make sales as well.

Brand Recognition: when your products have been associated with one unique design, your customers can easily recognize them on the shelf, without having to browse through the name attached. This is the goal to building your brand identity.

Detailed Description: exploit your packaging to its fullest advantage by jotting down a detailed description of your products and its benefit.

On the side note, brilliantly packaged products not only offers more shelf life, but improves durability during shipping.


The few listed finishing and coatings, amongst a host of other amazing décor finishing, are designed to make clients notice your brand easily. If you have further questions on any of the above finishing techniques and many more, do contact us at BAM Paper Packaging, and we will make your time worthwhile.