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Quick Solutions to Make Your Packaging Special

Čas: 2019-06-15 Zadetkov: 58

Product packaging design is the formation of the exteriors of a product. This includes choosing the packaging materials and structure as well as colors, graphics, and fonts that are used in wrapping a box or any kind of container. The way a brand or product is packaged immensely affects how customers and people, in general, see the brand. Therefore, it is important to put proper plans in place to make your product look more appealing to the public by making use of proper packaging.

According to the Dotcom Distribution e-commerce Packaging Study conducted in 2016, the following data were obtained on how much packaging affects brand perception. It was discovered that for luxury brands, 58% of people agreed that gift packaging indeed influences their perception of a brand, and 61% of people agreed that gift packaging would make them more likely to make a repeat purchase with a brand.

This survey was also conducted with regards to average brands across various industries, and it was discovered that 40% of people agreed to the fact that gift packaging indeed influences their perception of a brand, and 40 percent of people also agreed that gift packaging would make them more likely to make a repeat purchase with a brand.

It can be seen from the statistics obtained that packaging affects luxury brands more than the average brands across industries.

According to a comparison of the 2015 and 2016 results of the same survey conducted about the specific ways in which packaging affects brand perception, it was observed that there was a major increase in people's opinion about how packaging makes the brand seem more upscale, and how it gets them more excited about receiving a package. This shows that there has been a shift in how consumers perceive the importance of packaging.

From the information gathered, we can agree that it is profitable to invest in better packaging. Now we shall consider the ways in which you can make such an investment without negatively affecting your budget.


Packaging Inserts

A packaging insert is an extra item that online retailers can add to a shipment before sending it off to the buyer. It is a great way to improve your shipping and customer fulfillment scheme. Packaging inserts are usually unanticipated and can establish goodwill with new customers.

Customers are not required to pay anything more for packaging inserts. On the other hand, a packaging insert is something a brand can use to sensitize and spread information about campaigns and promotions and provide added value. Generally, inserts are affordable and a good way to establish relationships with customers.

Not every delivery might meet up with the customer's expectations as a result of things that might be out of your control. The little extra effort can help to restore your customer's faith in you and likely give your product a second chance and this makes your packaging special. Inserts are a tried and tested strategy for growing order size, customer loyalty and more. They don't necessarily have to cost a lot.


Printed boxes

As the name implies, it means making prints on boxes. Such prints may contain information about the product, the company, the company's logo, and whatever brand information needs to be displayed. Making use of printed boxes help to make your product stand out as the boxes make it easily identifiable.               

Although you might not have a budget for a custom box, an alternative could be to "print" your own boxes by making use of a custom stamp that would contain art and text you'd want to be displayed on the box.

Making use of printed boxes is a clever way to make your packages special. Using designs that make the box seem more than just an ordinary box, and associates it with a theme can capture the attention of customers and leave a lasting impression which can encourage a repeat purchase.


Packaging Colors

Efficient use of color is one of the best ways to show and reinforce a unified image and branding of a product as it is a visual medium. It is one of the best and simplest branding tricks ever. Packaging colors are one of the factors that will differentiate your business from others and your choice of colors will differentiate your products from your competitor's products. The colors used for a product's packaging sends instinctive messages to prompt prospective customers to buy your product.

The choice of colors should be associable with your logo and effectively show the image you are sending to the market to attract customers. The mistake of choosing your favorite color without confirming its compatibility with the product or service you render should not be made. It might look great but be unsuitable for the brand image.

Delving into creativity with colors and taking bold steps with splashes of colors and unanticipated pallets can also rapidly boost packaging from ordinary to eye-catching.

Distinctive Packaging Materials

Making use of packaging materials that are out of the norm or not the usual can serve as a good method of making your packaging stand out. Such materials are unique and so it makes the product easily noticeable. The creativity that accompanies using such materials is what gives it the captivating effect needed. The options for packaging materials should not be limited to the few most common ones. Brands should think out of the box and explore multiple options.

While these packaging ideas are fun and exciting, their durability should also be taken into account. It would be bad for business if a package gets delivered to a customer in a deteriorated state. Therefore, a test run should always be carried out. Before deciding to make use of a particular packaging, it should be tested under various conditions which it might undergo during shipping to ensure its strength and durability.


The effect of product packaging on the customer's opinions or perceptions of a brand is of utmost importance as packaging has been seen to attract more attention from prospective buyers over the years. Packaging has become an essential constituent of the customer experience. Brands are encouraged to think outside the box when packaging products as it is the extra effort put in place that makes the packaging stand out from every other in the market.

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