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Trije dejavniki, ki jih je treba upoštevati pri dokončanju oblikovanja kozmetične embalaže

Čas: 2020-02-19 Zadetkov: 46

The cosmetic industry is evolving. Customers are now shifting from standard to the premium products and aren’t doubtful about spending some extra bucks when choosing what they like. However, the number of companies providing such products have also surged. There are numerous products from different brands decorated on the supermarkets’ shelves. Picking one is not an easy choice. But you can make that simple for your customers by choosing the best packaging design. Yes, cosmetic boxes make a huge difference. More than half of the decision is based on what your product looks from outside.

Businesses from beauty and cosmetic lines have a lot of prospects for growth and profit. However, not every company is able to compete with the major players from the niche. And, it is not because of lack of exposure or lack of marketing funds, e-commerce and the web have given solution for all those challenges. The key reason for failure to reach the top list of companies is the negligence in packaging design. Cosmetic box sets are the first thing that the consumers would see. If it fails to attract them, 50 percent of the customers would leave without even trying your product. Turning them into customers would require more than what’s inside that cosmetic boxes.

How to Make Your Packaging Design Stand Out?

Coming down to the business, you must be wanting to know what more you require to include in your packaging design. Although there are many things that would matter from your brand focus to marketing aims, we would like to summarize the entire story into three main factors.

Cosmetics boxes luxury packaging comes with its own requirements. It is not only about the vibrant colors and designer boxes, there is more to it. However, it is easy to understand and include in your practices.

Find a Unique Design

A usual box that is used by almost every other company would confuse your customers. The first experience matters the most. Although we should never judge a book with its cover, the face does matter a lot. The cosmetic boxes are the first experience that the consumers would face. And, you must work harder to help that experience last longer than just walking out of the store and forgetting about it.

Customers interact with the products through its packaging. Either it’s the listed ingredients or the texture of the box, everything comes into play when impressing the customer. The designs that grab the attention of the customers would very well be able to stimulate their interest too. This further could lead to consumer engagement with your product and finally turning them into your loyal customers.

Definitely, the quality of the product matters. But to reach to that front, consumers first like what they see to experience what’s inside.

To create a unique design, you must focus on certain aspects.

Stil: You must try to outline the personality that you want to bring out of your packaging design. Either it could have a minimalist aura or it could present the most stylized vibe through its style. For example, if you wish to focus on natural ingredients, you must think about the natural elements to the design that would help bring out the goals of your brand.

Color Palette: Are you wanting a quick attention from your customers, never forget to choose the colors wisely. It must compliment your brand personality and at the same time must draw consumer’s attention while staying unique and intriguing.

Pisave: Even the smallest of things matter when creating the packaging design, and fonts too. The standing lines and big fonts are considered bold. However, if your brand focuses on feminine touch, you can use the italic style font. You can do many experiments with fonts and decide what blends with your brand goals.

Clear Brand Name

The next important thing is the placement of the name on the customized cosmetic box. Never forget to mention the brand name in a way that it gets imprinted in the minds of consumers. It would help them distinguish your products among all the others stored on the shelves aside of it.

A clear brand name has been welcomed by highly-successful cosmetic brands from centuries. This is because, the more you would try to be stylish with the brand name, the more you would make it difficult to read. Simplicity impresses more than complexity and it gets registered easily in the minds of individuals. You can be imaginative and creative with engraving your brand name, but do not forget to keep it clear and readable. Brand name makes it easy for customers to recognize your products even when released with additional design elements for unique product.

Packaging Quality

Many companies never consider grabbing the best manufacturer, either it’s a packaging China manufacture or a local one, to cover their products ensuring safety. The quality of your packaging is the impression of quality of your product inside. Hence, it is important to offer the best quality cosmetic boxes. Moreover, you can also opt for environmentally friendly packaging. This has a positive effect on your consumers. Vouching for greener planet puts you in the list of trustworthy alternatives.

And, you do can earn huge fan following and loyal customer list to your name by showcasing your concern for the planet earth and being responsible for keeping it safe.


Beauty and cosmetic industry aren’t just about trends and style, it does carry huge responsibility of keeping customers safe and healthy. From packaging to the product results, each constraint is counted in making your brand stand out of the rest.

And, it all starts with the cosmetic box sets that comes along with your product. The product would sing in harmony only when it reaches the consumers. And, that is only possible by the beautiful and brand’s goal-oriented packaging designs that help you engage your customers to your brand for longer term. You can certainly become one of the favorites, if it all begins right.