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Anpassad vikbar låda med magnetisk stängning

Modellnummer: FDB201802-007
Minimum antal: 1000pcs
Packaging detaljer: Varje låda packad i individuell PP-påse
Bly Tid: 15 dagar efter betalningsbekräftelse
Betalningsvillkor: T / T 30% Insättning, 70% banlanskopia B / L
Supply Förmåga: Daglig kapacitet är: 20,000stk / dag
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Snabb specificerar:

Anpassad vikbar låda med magnetisk stängning

Printed both inside and outside packaging box

Magnetic closure box

Materiala: 2.00mm spånskiva insvept C1S konstbräde

Storlek: kundanpassade

Inredning efterbehandling: CMYK färgutskrift Ribbon-tillbehör

MOQ: 1000pcs

Bly Tid: 15 dagar efter betalningsbekräftelse


Bring the attention to your present by slipping it inside this customized foldable box with magnetic closure. It is rightly said that the first impression is the last impression and this goes well for the presents as well. A well wrapped presents make it to the hearts of those you love. This printed both inside and outside packaging box would help you win hearts without much hassle. No need to decorate it any further. Even the wrapping papers won’t be needed when placing the gifts inside this box. The magnetic closure box would ensure for the safety of your presents.

This beautifully designed customized foldable box with magnetic closure is very unique in its own way. The lively colours used to print the box is beyond expressions. And, it will bring the same awesomeness to your presents. Wrap your gifts inside this box and make your loved ones have a wonderful celebration.


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Boxform Bas- och lockstruktur
Material (val av papper) Kraftpapper, fancy papper, bestruket papper, svartpapper, konstpapper, kartong, konstpapper, vaxbelagt papper, bestruket papper, wellpapp
Utskrift Offsettryck, silketryck, digitaltryck, silketryck, CMYK i fullfärgstryck, Panton-färgutskrift
Båda sidor / en sida utskrift (eller anpassade)
Inredning efterbehandling Glansig / Matt-laminering, UV-färgbeläggning, silver / guldfolie (varmstämpling), prägling / prägling, fernissning, (eller anpassad)
Tillbehör 1.Holder insatt (EVA, blister, kartong eller anpassad)
2.Velvet, satin eller annat tygfodrat, flockat (eller anpassat)
3.Ropes (Nylon Rope, Cotton Rope, Flat Cotton Rope, Polyester Rope Flat or Customized)
4.Hang Tag String (Tag Seal): Plast, metall (eller anpassad)
5.Eyelet Etc.

Customized foldable box with magnetic closure is very well designed to ensure safety and security of your presents. The beautiful design makes your present look special among all others around. The easy handling design makes it no headache to work with. Simple to unfold and easily managed. The colourful design is lively and ready to make every celebration special. The magnetic closure is strong. A complete solution for wrapping your lovely present inside. You can customize the box and our team will help you do so. Without wasting time, we seek to provide exactly what you desire. All you need to do is ask.