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Anpassad vikbar förpackningslåda

Modellnummer: FDB201802-006
Minimum antal: 1000pcs
Packaging detaljer: Varje låda packad i individuell PP-påse
Bly Tid: 15 dagar efter betalningsbekräftelse
Betalningsvillkor: T / T 30% Insättning, 70% banlanskopia B / L
Supply Förmåga: Daglig kapacitet är: 20,000stk / dag
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Snabb specificerar:

Custom foldable packaging box
branded packaging box
Folding packaging box

Materiala: 2.00mm spånskiva insvept C1S konstbräde

Storlek: kundanpassade

Inredning efterbehandling: CMYK färgutskrift Ribbon-tillbehör

MOQ: 1000pcs

Bly Tid: 15 dagar efter betalningsbekräftelse


Look no further when seeking for the best wraps for your presents, get custom foldable packaging box. This branded packaging box is beyond just being beautiful. It is very elegant and have many other usages. You can use it for storing your cosmetics. The foldable option makes it easy to store while occupying not much space. You can just unfold it and slip it anywhere. With not much hassle, just bring the ends together and the box is ready to wrap presents. As easy as it sounds. The folding packaging box comes in white colour with silver top.

You can also customize this custom foldable packaging box. The beautiful design can be tailored according to your priorities to a certain extent. Let the surprise stay that way until unfolded when wrapped inside this unique foldable packaging box. Easy to handle and carry around. Best way to tell someone you care.


- T shirt box

- Klädlåda

- Kosmetisk presentförpackning

- Vinglaslåda

- Klädlådan

- Klädlåda

- Klädlåda

- Halsband

- Smyckeskrin

Boxform Bas- och lockstruktur
Material (val av papper) Kraftpapper, fancy papper, bestruket papper, svartpapper, konstpapper, kartong, konstpapper, vaxbelagt papper, bestruket papper, wellpapp
Utskrift Offsettryck, silketryck, digitaltryck, silketryck, CMYK i fullfärgstryck, Panton-färgutskrift
Båda sidor / en sida utskrift (eller anpassade)
Inredning efterbehandling Glansig / Matt-laminering, UV-färgbeläggning, silver / guldfolie (varmstämpling), prägling / prägling, fernissning, (eller anpassad)
Tillbehör 1.Holder insatt (EVA, blister, kartong eller anpassad)
2.Velvet, satin eller annat tygfodrat, flockat (eller anpassat)
3.Ropes (Nylon Rope, Cotton Rope, Flat Cotton Rope, Polyester Rope Flat or Customized)
4.Hang Tag String (Tag Seal): Plast, metall (eller anpassad)
5.Eyelet Etc.

Never happened to find out the most amazing way for wrapping your presents? Find it now with this elegant custom foldable packaging box. The sturdy design made of hard chipboard makes this box worth its cost. You can never get a deal like this when planning a present for someone you love. Wrap your love inside and let this stylish box do the rest. Easy to manage and use. Unflatten the base and place your gift inside. Then close the lid and your present is ready. This box is complete in itself and you do not need anything else to make it look anymore presentable.