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Noel Hediyesi Ambalaj Kutusu

Model numarası: GB201802-0016
Minimum sipariş miktarı: 1000pcs
Paketleme Detayları: Bireysel PP torba içinde paketlenmiş her kutu
Teslim süresi: Ödeme onayı sonra 15days
Ödeme Koşulları: T / T 30% Para Yatırma, 70% banlance kopya B / L
Yetenek Kaynağı: Günlük Kapasite: 20,000pcs / gün
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Hızlı Detay:

Christmas Look gift box
Holiday Gift box with Lid
Custom design Holiday gift box

Materiala: 2.00mm kalınlıkta sunta sarılı C1S sanat kurulu

Boyut: özelleştirilmiş

Dekor Bitirme: CMYK renkli baskı Şerit aksesuarı

Adedi: 1000pcs

Teslim süresi: Ödeme onayı sonra 15days


Fill in this candy box with the choice of your assorted sweet candies and cover up the surprise with this beautiful lid on the top. A checked pattern box and a plain lid having a picture in the middle compliments each other and makes this rigid gift box a unique option for all occasions. You can use this box for lovely birthday parties or romantic candle light dinner. It is designed to fill every occasion with love and sweetness.
This unique Christmas gift box would look heavenly when cluttered around with other presents and would be noticeable right away. The elegant design and customizable option come in handy with this candy box. Why not hide your love inside this box and let the little surprise breathe while you wait it to be opened for spreading smiles? You can even use this for other gifts apart from candies as the surprises come in all shapes and sizes.


- Hediye seti kutusu

- Şeker kutusu

- Rigid gift set box

- Christmas Gift box

- Holiday Gift box

- Surprise Gift box

- Presents box

- Kolye kutusu

- Mücevher kutusu

Kutu şekli Taban ve Kapak Yapısı
Malzeme (kağıt seçimi) Kraft Kağıt, Fantezi Kağıt, Kuşe Kağıt, Siyah Kağıt, Sanat Kağıt, Karton, Sanat Kağıt, Balmumu Kuşe Kağıt, Kuşe Kağıt, Oluklu Mukavva
Baskı Ofset Baskı, Serigrafi, Dijital Baskı, İpek Baskı, CMYK tam renkli baskı, Panton renkli baskı
İki Taraf / Tek Taraflı Baskı (veya Özelleştirilmiş)
Dekor Bitirme Parlak / Mat Laminasyon, UV Spot Kaplama, Gümüş / Altın Varak (Sıcak Baskı), Kabartma / Deboss, Vernikleme, (Veya özelleştirilmiş)
Aksesuarlar 1.Holder Eklendi (EVA, Blister, Karton veya Özelleştirilmiş)
2.Velvet, Saten Veya Diğer Kumaş Kaplı, Floklu (veya Özelleştirilmiş)
3. Halatlar (Naylon Halat, Pamuk Halat, Düz Pamuk Halat, Polyester Halat Düz Veya Özelleştirilmiş)
4.Hang Tag String (Tag Seal): Plastik, Metal (veya Özelleştirilmiş)
5.Eyelet Etc.
Rekabet Avantajı:

This sturdy and rigid gift box looks premium and exclusive with the unique design and thick chipboard used to put the box together. You can further decorate the box with the accessories of your choice such as ribbons and sparkles. Our dedicated team is always there to ensure you receive your box as you requested and with the necessary modifications in no time. Fill in the box with the candies and sweets and cover it easy and smooth packaging. Easy to open and can be used multiple times because of its heavy look and awesome design. The right box for the perfect gift.