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Bir Ambalaj Şirketi Nasıl Seçilir

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There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing a packaging company for your small or large scale businesses. While, this can be a daunting task, considering the fact that a little slip up on your packaging, can leave you with an unsatisfied customer, it can also be made easy by following these easy steps, to choosing the right packaging company for your enterprise.

Fiyat Değişimi

If your company’s production is on a low volume order, your choices in packaging companies should offer prices that are suitable for you. You can ask:

· How do you sell?

· Do you sell in bulk quantities only?

· Are there any discounts for high volume orders?

The Company’s Capabilities

While considering working within your budget as an important factor, however it is a must you choose quality over quantity, if you want to leave a lasting impression on your customers. You need to enquire from the sales representative what kind of services the company offers. Knowing the company’s capabilities assures you that they are not only just right for your brand, but can handle any future requirements it may need. Questions like:

· what are the company’s services

· what products do you package and ship

· what is or are the company’s strongest point in terms of designing

The company’s manufacturing capabilities should be vividly expressed and satisfactory answers given before making your decision.

Wide Range of Supplies

In addition to the company’s capabilities, they should also be able to provide alternative cost effective solutions, in situations where your budget for the month or year has been overstretched, due to unforeseen circumstances like a higher demand for your products in the market.

Özel Ambalaj

Furthermore, although you may not be considering custom packaging at the moment, however, anticipating your products huge success in the possible future can be a requisite factor in helping you decide. A product company that offers custom packaging is what you should be looking for.

The Company’s Policies including Time Management

Knowing the company’s delivery and quality policies is one step to finding out if they will be a good fit for you. The goal is putting your customers first, because customers will almost always go for products with a less stressful returning route, so by knowing the company’s track record of deliveries and quality policy if there is any, will help to gauge any future shortcomings and solutions to them. You can ask:

· How does the company ensure on-time delivery?

· What happens when my product is delivered late?

· Do you offer online delivery?

· What is your reordering process like?

· Timeline window for returning and redelivery products?

· Do you have specific areas you deliver to?

You need to have the guarantee that your products will get to your customers on time. If they have had recurring issues of late delivery, its best you move on to another company.

A Reliable Working Relationship

Another angle to take note is a good customer service relationship between you and the packaging company. Communication is pertinent in business transactions. You want to be granted the relief that you can easily get in touch with your packaging company in urgent cases like reorders and wrong package delivery. Questions like:

· How reliable is your communication?

· What happens when there is error in communication?

· Are there any emergency helplines?


It is important to know how the situation of the intending packaging company’s warehouse is like. You can ask:

· How will my products be stored?

· Do you have enough staffs manning the warehouse?

· How will my inventory be managed?

Industry Trends and Familiarity

Picking a packaging company that is up to date with the latest packaging trends is a huge plus, however you need to be certain that the company is familiar with your industry style. Questions like:

· Have you worked with my industry before?

· Can I see samples of previous work experience relating to my industry?

· How do you keep up with the latest packaging trends?

Takım üyeleri

Knowing who and what makes up a company is important because you’re not just picking the company as a name, but you’re picking individuals that make up the company. A good company will employ highly trained staffs in their various departments because they want to give you the best, and not cutting cost by settling for less. You can ask:

· Are there any designers on the team?

· How does the team operate?

Community Help

If your company’s products support green initiative, it might come in handy to choose a company who prides themselves in the fight for the earth using environmental friendly packaging and sustainable practices to see it to the end. You can ask:

· How does the company ensure the products waste don’t affect the community?

· Can any of your products be recycled?

Community Recognition

Choosing a company that has been in business for a long time and is duly recognized by the community is an assurance that they are tested and trusted to handle your company’s need. A company that has been in business for more than a few years is indication that they intend to stay in business, and has the knowledge and expertise to carry on. Questions like:

· How long have you been in business?

· Do you’ve any awards or achievements?

BAM ambalajı, ihtiyaçlarınızı dinleyen ve bunları dikkate alan birinci sınıf bir ambalaj şirketidir. Ürünleriniz söz konusu olduğunda size en iyisini sunmak için sürekli çalışıyoruz ve bu nedenle ekibimizin müşterilerimizin bireysel şirketlerine özgü ambalaj tasarlama ve oluşturma yeteneğinden gurur duyuyoruz. Hizmetlerimizi, sevdiklerinize bebek duş hediye kutusu, Noel hediye kutusu veya hediye seti kutuları gibi sunuyoruz. BAM ambalajları, sizi bu alandaki yılların tecrübemizle kapsıyor, bu nedenle olabilecek her türlü sorunuz için bizimle iletişime geçmekten çekinmeyin ve hizmetinizde olmaktan memnuniyet duyarız.